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Slippery Rock Raceway Rules and regulations

race rules and caution flags

Line up Procedure: When the flagman signals the field to line up, the kart on the pole position has one lap to slow  down, raise his/her hand and start the line up.

The pole sitter will set the pace for the start of the race.

The FLAGMAN will control the start of the race at the CONES on turn 4.


Caution Flags: The caution flag will not be thrown unless a DANGEROUS SITUATION is created.

In case of a multi kart collision causing a caution flag, racers who stall or lose chains will be permitted, in a timely matter. After the field is reformed any kart not ready to race will be given three laps to join the field. If you are not ready move to a safe location and let the race resume. You will be scored in the last position for the number of karts remaining in the race.

If you spin out and are still under power and capable of continuing, the caution flag will not be thrown.

Anyone charged with three cautions in a heat race or a feature race will be blacked flagged (sent to the pits).


BLACK FLAGS:  If you are black flagged for any reason and leave the track within two laps you will be scored in last place. Position will be determined by the number of karts on the track eligible to race.

If you do not leave the track in the specified time, you will be scored and will forfeit all points and awards.

RESTARTS will be at the cone on turn 4, there will be NO passing until you are past the cone.



Karts ages 8 through 16

You must be of age by October of that race season to be eligible to race in a kart class.


CONDUCT: The following will be reason for immediate ejection from the Raceway!

Abusive language, fighting, throwing objects onto the race track. This includes spectators, drivers, and pit crew. EVERYONE!!!!!

Possession or consumption of an alcoholic beverage by anyone in the pit area or having a pit pass.

Anyone entering the pits without a pit pass will be ejected from the property for two race days. If they are a part of a pit crew, or a family member of a driver, the driver will forfeit all points and awards and will be ejected for two race days.

ANYONE approaching the FLAGMAN OR TOWER during a race will be disqualified for the day. This includes drivers, pit crew, family members and spectators. All question and comments should be taken to the track owner. For NO reason should the tower or flagman be disturbed during a race. 


Unauthorized entry into the pit area is not permitted. This includes other peoples pit areas. For your safety and the safety of others, stay in your designated area. If there is a problem, the outsider will be blamed and ejected as per above rules.

Any unauthorized use of the raceway is strictly prohibited. Anyone using the raceway without written permission from current management will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



ENGINE: Engine will be teched as per WKA rules. Management reserves to tech at their discretion.

OIL AND FUEL: Teched at anytime during the race day. No flammable or dangerous additives allowed in crankcase. Fuel will be teched by means of a hydrometer. Readings must be .780 to .800 regardless of temperature or weather conditions.

Anyone disqualified for oil or fuel infraction will forfeit all points and awards for the feature. Second offence you will lose all points for the day plus an additional 25 points.


Engine: Comer

Rules: WKA

Tires: 10x450 or 4;60x5 Max circumfrence on rear is 33.75 in

Weight: 125 lb

Pill: No Restrictor

Clutch: Shoe clutch

Must have chest protector, neck brace, gloves, helmet, long sleeve jacket or shirt and long pants

Changes may be made at a later date at the track owners descrection



All bolts must be safety wired and/or lock nutted.

Brakes must be in operational condition.

Any add on weight must be bolted securely.

All Clone Motors with the exception of the Open Clone are Drum Clutch.

All Rookie classes (1st Year, Clone, & Predator) must have a Purple Plate.

All Junior classes (Clone & Predator) must have a Blue Plate.

All Heavy classes (Sr Clone Heavy & Sr Predator Heavy) driver must weight at least 200 lb.




Full face helmet SNELL 85 or higher, neck brace, gloves, full length pants and long sleeve jacket will be required for all racers. All hair must be either tucked into the helmet or jacket it can not be showing.



Anything not covered in these rules will be up to the discretion of the tech inspector and the raceway management without recourse from any owner, driver, crew member, and spectator.

The rules and regulations set forth and contained herein are designed to provide for the orderly and safe conduction of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable standards and requirements for said events.

Anything not covered be the rules will be acted upon by the track official as situations arise and will be added to the rules.


Normal Feature:        Maximum 12 karts

Normal Heats:        Maximum 12 karts. If 2 or less karts in a "B" main we would cancel the race and add the 

                          karts to the tail of the feature.


Driver weight and weigh in:

All drivers are subject to a minimum combined kart/driver weigh check before the race, at the discretion of the race officials and a MANDATORY weigh in at the impound area immediately following each race. This includes HEATS and FEATURES,.... ALL RACES !!

Points and awards will be awarded to only those that weigh in correctly.

Standard weigh rules apply as specified. Drivers in Clone Heavy class and Predator Heavy class need to have a minimum weight of 200 pounds with helmet and jacket on.

Gates open at: 10:00 AM    Hot Laps: 12:00 PM   Races begin at 1:00 PM

Entry fee: $25.00 all karts includes drivers pit pass

Pit Pass: $10.00 all kart divisions

Spectators: $5.00

Rain dates: NONE, Points race cancelled

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