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Predator Class Rules

  • Approved Engines: OHV (Overhead Valve) 212 cc Predator engines only. No engine builder stickers are allowed on engine. These are STOCK engines.

  • Classes: ALL

 * Note that the track has the right to make exception to what class a junior driver may race in based on age and or experience for the safety of that driver as well as the competitors.

               * Engine: Predator 212cc engines ( model 69727, 69730, or 69363). No exchanging or mixing​

                 of parts between model engines, with the exception that all engines may utilize the .615"

                 carburetor. The engine must be run out of the box.

                      1. Governor may be removed

                     2. Low oil sensor may be unplugged or removed and blocked

                     3. The air filter and sock must be installed per factory.

                     4. You may disconnect throttle stop screw

                     5. You must run the factory gas tank

                     6. Chain guard mandatory and may run a heat shield

                     7. Gas cap may be vented

               * Flywheel and Ignition: Must use stock flywheel, ignition coil, plug wire, and resistor spark plug

                 boot. Spark plug is non tech. The engine must have a key way as installed by the factory on 

                 the flywheel.

               * Fuel: 87 octane only

               * Carburetor: Carb MUST REMAIN STOCK (no alterations).

               * Cylinder Head: Must be OEM Predator type casting only. Intake and exhaust ports must remain

                 as factory produced, porting or deburring not permitted. Transition edge from port runner to

                 bowl area must remain defined edge. Head gasket surface must remain stock, no copper or

                 aluminum gaskets.

              * Valve train: Stock valves only, must use stock pushrods, rocker arms, retainers and valve springs,

                no alterations and or after market valve train components allowed. Camshaft must remain stock.

                Crank rod and piston must be as factory without any modifications, stock piston rings only.

              * Starter: Recoil pull start only. Pull starter may be rotated for better cranking angle and have better                  quality replacement rope installed.

              * Clutch: All predators except 79cc are open clutch.

              * Headers and mufflers: Must remain factory muffler in stock form only. No aftermarket headers or

                mufflers, no modifications to factory muffler.

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