Welcome to the Slippery Rock Raceway Inc. home page. Here you can find the race schedule, point standings, and other information on the kart racing track. This track is owned and opperated by Mike McFeaters. It is a 1/8 of a mile oval clay track for racing karts. We race every other Sunday starting in April and lasting through October. We are a family oriented facility and we encourage anyone to come out and have a Sunday funday at the Slippery Rock Raceway Inc track.

Owner / operator

Mike McFeaters

Slippery Rock Raceway is done for this season. We hope to see everyone at the 2020 banquet. Thank you to all our sponsors and racers for another great year. Hope to see everyone next season.

Below is the banquet form for anyone who needs it. Just hit the PDF and it will give you the form.



Class                           Weight  Age    Rules

Kid Karts                     125    5-7     WKA

1st Year Rookies             250    7-12    WKA

Squirts                        200    5-8     WPKA

Rookie Clone                  250    7-12   AKRA

Rookie Predator               250    7-12   WPKA

Junior Clone                  300    12-15  AKRA

Junior Predator              300     12-15  WPKA

Senior Box Stock             340    15+     WKA

Senior Clone Heavy           400    15+    AKRA

Senior Clone                  350    15+    AKRA

Open Clone                   350     15+  AKRA

Predator                      350    15+    WPKA

SR Champ                     425    15+   WKA

Sr Predator Heavy           400    15+    WPKA

WKA = World Karting Association (www.worldkarting.com)

AKRA = American Kart Racing Association (www.Americankarting.us)

WPKA = Western Pennsylvania Karting Association (www.slipperrockracewayinc.com)



1St Year Rookies

1st Logan Jackson  152

2nd Lilly Smith  128


1st Connor Foster  150

2nd Bayleigh Oravetz  96

Sr Predator

1st Lilly Davis  183

2nd Scott Bernard  173

3rd Meghan Rubright  162

4th Bob Ruediger  127

Sr Clone Heavy

1st Nathan Wilson  200

2nd Timothy Miller  172

3rd Steven Heme  147

4th Bill Webster  138

5th Josh Shontz  120

Sr Predator Heavy

1st Jeff Yurkanin  169

2nd Scott Bernard  153

3rd Jared Bemish  150

4th Josh Barger  131

5th Jake Bash  118

Rookie Predator

1st Cullen Hutchison  167

2nd Kalen Jackson  155

3rd Sami Banas  114

4th Karston King  104

5th Brodie Haines  101

Sr Box Stock

1st Paul Reiser  116

2nd Robbie Reiser  103

3rd Jared Bemish  97

Rookie Clone

1st Cale Schwartzmiller  184

2nd Cullen Hutchison  140

3rd Kalen Jackson  138

4th Tanner Bemish  106

5th Karston King  87

Jr Clone

1st Lucas Canon  140

2nd Logan Reagle  103

Sr Clone

1st Brodie Oravetz  196

2nd Richie DeArmant  177

3rd Tyler Ochs  163

4th Julia Badger  155

5th Andrew Blackham  124

Jr Predator

1st Mickey Banas  174

2nd Lucas Canon  163

3rd Will Karas  151

4th Madison Lambert  148

5th Logan Reagle  146


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