Welcome to the Slippery Rock Raceway Inc. home page. Here you can find the race schedule, point standings, and other information on the kart racing track. This track is owned and opperated by Mike McFeaters. It is a 1/8 of a mile oval clay track for racing karts. We race every other Sunday starting in April and lasting through October. We are a family oriented facility and we encourage anyone to come out and have a Sunday funday at the Slippery Rock Raceway Inc track.

I have a few things to let people know. The points are up for viewing. If anyone sees a misspelling in their name please send me a message either on the email or the facebook messanger and I will get it fixed. I know I have some misspelled names and I am sorry it was very hectic the first race and sometimes hard to hear.

Owner / operator

Mike McFeaters

Slippery Rock Raceway

2021 Schedule

April 18               Non-Points Race Test and Tune

       25              Points Race - Season Opener

May  9               Points Race - Mothers Day - Power Puff Race. All Mothers bringing a child get a                            free spectators pass

        23             Points Race

June  6               Points Race - Report Card Day All kids with an "A" on their report card get a free                          spectator pass

       20              Points Race - Fathers Day - All Fathers bringing a child get a free spectator pass

July  4                Points Race

       11                Non- Points Race - Memorial Race

       18               Points Race

Aug  1                Points Race

       15               Points Race

       29              Points Race

Sept  12              Points Race

        16             Points Race

Oct   3              Points Race

       10              Points Race

       17              Points Race

Nov                  Banquet



Class                           Weight  Age    Rules

Kid Karts                     125    5-7     WKA

1st Year Rookies             250    7-12    WKA

Squirts                        200    5-8     WPKA

Over 35                       350    35+     AKRA

Rookie Clone                  250    7-12   AKRA

Rookie Predator               250    7-12   WPKA

Junior Clone                  300    12-15  AKRA

Junior Predator              300     12-15  WPKA

Senior Clone Heavy           400    15+    AKRA

Senior Clone                  350    15+    AKRA

Predator                      350    15+    WPKA

Sr Predator Heavy           400    15+    WPKA

WKA = World Karting Association (www.worldkarting.com)

AKRA = American Kart Racing Association (www.Americankarting.us)

WPKA = Western Pennsylvania Karting Association (www.slipperrockracewayinc.com)

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